Tuesday, April 19th - 2016





You inspire people’s faith through your example. In fact, that is what a testimony is: proving the Word of God true in your life. The example that you are setting for those who you lead by the way that you live your personal life is just as important as your scheduled group meetings and Bible lessons. 

If you want your group/team members to have healthy relationships, be readers and believers of God’s Word, fervent prayers, and people who truly grow closer to Jesus, then they will have to see it in you. It’s all about the example that you are showing them in your personal life. 


“If you are trying to be someone in your circle that isn’t consistent with who you really are when you aren’t in your circle, you will be found out by the ones you lead.” Reggie Joiner

Inspire authentic faith in your followers by leading through example. Make it personal. 

1 Corinthians 11:1 “Follow me, as I follow Christ”.

Tuesday, March 22nd - 2016





Picture a huge, heavy flywheel - a massive metal disk mounted horizontally on an axle, about 30 feet in diameter, 2 feet thick, and weighing about 5,000 pounds. Now image that it is your task to get this flywheel rotating on the axle as fast and long as possible. 

Pushing with great effort, you get the flywheel to inch forward, moving almost imperceptibly at first. You keep pushing and, after two or three hours of persistent effort, you finally get the flywheel to complete one entire turn. As you keep pushing, the flywheel turns faster and faster. With each effort the momentum begins to increase. At some point-breakthrough! The momentum of the flywheel kicks in your favor... its own heavy weight is working for you. 

You're pushing no harder than during the first rotation, but the flywheel keeps going faster and faster. Each turn of the flywheel builds upon work done earlier, compounding your investment of effort. Now, suppose someone asked you, "What was the one big push that got your flywheel spinning so fast?" 

You wouldn't be able to answer, because that is a nonsensical question. It was all the pushes added together in an overall accumulation of effort applied in a consistent direction. That is an illustration of momentum and success.

Success and momentum are not created by singular events or circumstances. They are the result of a patient determination to accomplish a mission or vision. The Flywheel principle takes a consistent and persistent pursuit of what God has called us to do. Sometimes our efforts seem fruitless, sometimes we can't see our impact. But take heart! Keep pushing forward. Your consistent hard work will yield success. The reward is worth it: seeing people move closer to Jesus. 

Keep pushing forward. 


Tuesday, March 15th - 2016





You can’t lead if you don’t have anyone following you. You can’t gain followers without a compelling invitation. 

There are 4 basic components of a compelling invitation.

1) Make sure that your focus is on maturing believers, not filling slots.

When leading people, our goal must be to mature people spiritually. Effective leaders build people, not programs. Your motivation for inviting someone to your group/team should not be to get more people in your group, or to fill on spot on your team... It should be done with a heart to see people grow closer to Jesus.

2) Share the vision, not the task.

When you invite someone to join your group/team, cast vision for what joining your team/group would do to better their lives, and better the lives of those they will be in contact with. 

3) Make the ask.

If there is no question on the table, there is no compelling reason to answer. When you extent an invitation for someone to join your group/team, make sure that you also solicit a response. Take it a step further and tell them you would be trilled should they accept. 

4) Follow up in a timely manor.

People need reminded more often than one would think. Follow up with those whom you invite to join your group/team. When leading a Connect Group, shoot a text or an email the morning of your meeting day to the person to remind them. When leading a team, it's appropriate to call someone whom you've invited to see if they have decided to accept yet. 


We make invitations everyday. They more compelling your invitation, the more followers you will have, the more people you can lead closer to Jesus. 

Tuesday, March 8th - 2016





An excerpt from Dan Reiland’s Amplified Leadership:

“Vision is directly connected to opportunity. Kingdom needs are met when leaders see a need God puts before them and act on it. If there is no immediate opportunity, then the visionary leader will search for one. Ask God to help you see opportunities. 

"At 12Stone Church we have some of the most amazing volunteers leaders in our small group ministry. They possess great vision for life change among the people in their groups. I love listening to stories of how they seized opportunities to help people.

"Recently one small group helped a family that had lost their jobs and their home move into a small apartment the church members helped them find. I’ve lost count of how often small group members have seized these kings of opportunities to help people.

"Opportunities don't always fall in your lap. In many cases you have to go out and seek them."

Be an inspiring leader and look for opportunities to seize for the benefit of others! 

Tuesday, March 1st - 2016





George Barna states, "The Christian church is failing to live up to its promise; we're not even coming close to fulfilling it. Our nation has a strong economy but a weak morality. People are more interested in faith and religion than in Jesus. Believer are largely indistinguishable from nonbelievers in how they think and live. The church lost its place at the table of cultural influence. Can we restore the impact of the church through more events and buildings? No. It will take zealots for Christ - individuals who are intractably devoted to knowing, loving, and serving Jesus with all their heart, mind, strength, and soul - if we are to transform out world."

If you want to lead people who truly live for Christ, then determine to be someone who truly lives from Christ in every area of your life. Remember, worship inspires worship. Thus, love inspires love, holiness inspires holiness, and so on. Be an inspirer. That is the reason we are given opportunity to lead, to inspire people to live lives worthy of the call of God. 

If you want to transform your world, start by inspiring those around you by your devotion to Jesus. If you truly love him and live for him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, your followers will follow your example. 

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd - 2016




Make it your mission to discover the worth and purpose of every person God puts in your path.

If we focus on a person’s shortcomings, we’ll never see them for who they can be, and the relationship will break down. 

Great leaders look for the potential in people. They come to appreciate the person for who they are , then they mine for hidden gifts, talents, abilities and strengths. 

As a leader you have the opportunity to bring out a person’s best and help them tab into their potential. 

Help those you lead to become the best they can be; mine for potential.

Tuesday, Feb. 16th - 2016




All leaders leave a trail.

Poor leaders will sometimes leave a trail of bodies or a trail of disappointment.

But the great leaders leave a legacy, because they leave people better than they were when they found them.

Great leaders help people become better people. The people they work with are tremendously grateful for that. 

As a leader, go into your meetings determined to invest in your people; work to see people edified and changed for the glory of Jesus Christ. That's what we do as leaders. We produce better Christians, Jesus-followers, leaders, men and women of God. Leave people better than you found them. 

Tuesday, Feb. 9th - 2016



Never underestimate the power the “check-in”. . 

It’s easy to become disconnected, even at church surrounded by hundreds of people. It’s easy to fall away from the Lord in isolation. People have the tendency to drift if they are not roped back in every once in a while. 

As leaders its our job to cast out the rope. How? Simple check-ins can make all the difference in the world. It could be in the form of a text, a call, a Facebook message, an email; the list goes on… 

People need to be known. People want to know that they are thought of, and that they are important to someone. When you check in with someone through the week and let them know that you love them, or are praying for them, or remind them of a church event, or simply remind them of your group meeting… it shows that you are mindful of them. Reminding people of things through check-ins, wether it is to read God's Word, or to attend a church event, is also practical. Sometimes people simply forget.

Be mindful of those who you lead. Take time to check in with them. When you check in, you make connection, and that’s what it’s all about.

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd - 2016


Whether you realize it or not, the people you lead have a very good “fake detector.” People can tell when you are trying to be someone who you are really not. For a lot of people, this is a natural tendency in leadership. The main reason being, we are often insecure with our true selves. 

Reggie Joiner states, “If you try to be someone in your circle that isn’t consistent with who you really are when you are not in your circle, you will eventually be found out by the ones who lead.” 

We watch the way that others lead, and we want to be equally effective, so we often try to be like them. The problem is that God made you to be your own person. He uniquely created you with specific traits and abilities, and he has called you to do a specific job.

So take a moment, relax, and thank God for making YOU, YOU. Only you can be you, and God loves YOU. Be real. Be You. 

You will only truly be effective and fulfill God’s call on your life as a leader when you cease trying to be like someone else, and embrace who he has called you to be.

Tuesday, Jan. 26th - 2016




Hopefully the title doesn’t match your mindset for 2016. As a church we started off the year with 21 days of prayer and fasting. As a result we’ve heard many testimonies of spiritual growth, healing, and freedom. 

While it’s great to set aside time to pray and fast, we must remember that praying should never be something that we did, it’s something that we do. 

The fasting may cease, but praying… 

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “pray without ceasing.”

Prayer fixes our eyes and heart on God. It insures that we keep a Kingdom focus. This week, take time every day to seek the Lord in prayer. Pray fervently that God would move and work through you in extraordinary ways this year. 

Know that your prayers are powerful, and say “adios” to everything standing in your way.

Tuesday, Jan. 19th - 2016




Prayer changes things, so why wouldn’t prayer change your leadership ability? 


Praying puts our minds and hearts on God; it gives us proper perspective. We lead best when we are focused on the Lord and His will. 

Take some time (30-60 minutes) tonight, or tomorrow morning, and seek the Lord. Get alone, get with God, and pray. Ask Him to lead you this semester, to speak through you, and to make you an effective group leader.