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Okay, here's the game.


The team with the most kills by youth on June 21st, 2023 wins.

Winning team gets a $100 gift card each


  • You will be assigned a partner (teams of 2 people).

  • Each team will be given a Target Team they have to eliminate. Your Target Team's names will be written on 2 clothespins.

  • Eliminate your Target by shooting them with a water gun. Soak them as much as you wish. One drop of water on you or your clothes means you're eliminated.
Honor code!

  • Both team members (Targets) must be shot with the water gun for the whole team to be eliminated (they can be shot at separate times).

  • Each time you eliminate a Target, they must turn over their clothespin. But you cannot go after the next team until BOTH Targets (the whole team) has been eliminated.

  • An eliminated person can still help their teammate, but they CANNOT be the one to shoot the water gun. They can protect them, help them, work with them however they wish but they cannot eliminate other players by shooting a water gun.


Absolutely NO alliances with other teams (protecting others from getting shot, warning people, scheming with other teams, etc.)! That's why you're on a team!

Teams who form alliances will be eliminated from the game.


You cannot be shot OR shoot someone in a safe zone. The designated SAFE ZONES where you CANNOT BE SHOT are:

  • In any building

  • In any car (vou can shoot from a car)

  • On your way to work

  • At work (once you leave work your safe zone is over!)

  • On your way to a youth/church service or event

  • At a youth/church service or event

  • A family emergency event such as a funeral or visiting someone at a hospital

Some examples of where you CAN BE SHOT OR SHOOT are:

  • The park

  • In front of your house

  • On the sidewalk

  • Going to/from your friend's house

  • After church at El Rey

  • At a family reunion

  • At a swimming pool

  • If there is a dispute, both teams must appear before Pastor Josiah who will settle the case at his discretion.


  • Run fast

Don't be a whiny baby if you get shot

  • Keep your clothespin on your person

  • Avoid white clothes if there's a chance you can get shot

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