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Most of those people in our community never step foot in our church on their own.  That is the nature of a harvest. You have to go, get it and bring it in. On more than one occasion Jesus compared lost people to a harvest waiting to be gathered.  He even told us to pray for workers that would be willing to go after the harvest (Matt 9:38).

Our church is taking
audacious steps to go after the harvest. We go into our community on a regular basis executing costly events and initiatives to put the love of Christ on display and spread the Gospel. 

Our church recently launched it's own
Family Resource Center where people can come for things like groceries, help finding employment, budgeting assistance and more.  Not only are people finding practical aid, they are encountering the Gospel of  Jesus Christ and their lives are being changed. 

These types of bold harvesting efforts also require bold giving.  

Would you join as a Kingdom Builder and give a generous offering to see people connected with the newness of life found only in Jesus Christ?  

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